Bad cushioning Bad cushioning
Bad cushioning Bad cushioning


THE BAD NEWS - local furniture cushioning is poor in quality and full of harmful chemicals, which make it sag so much faster. It also attracts germs and allergens to itself. This is inevitable due to sweat, stains, dead cells and food particles. In the absence of good cushioning, your furniture decays rapidly and you end up shopping for new furniture a lot sooner than you expected at an additional cost & time.

THE GOOD NEWS - The right cushioning is not only comfortable, it adds years to the life of your furniture.

  • Long Lasting Shape
  • Standard Extra Thickness
  • Transparency in Product offering
  • Durability & Porosity
  • Extra Firmness for support & desired comfort
  • Neem Fresche Treatment for Health & Hygine

Our Range



Advanced cushioning with multiple air vents allowing faster dissipation of body heat & moisture for a dry, cool & comfortable experience.

Resitec Neo

Resitec Neo

Sleepwell Resitec Neo cushioning with its active pressure distributing promises

Primo Cool

Primo Cool

Primo Cool comes with revolutionary Cool Gel-S particles that accelerate heat dissipation to give you a cool feel and enhanced seating comfort.


Stay germ-free with NeemFresche
Neem Fresche is an anti-microbial technology that protects your Home Furnishing against dust mites that cause skin allergies and breathing problems. All Sleepwell Products are Treated with Neem Fresche.
  • Protects against dust mites, skin allergies and breathing problems.
  • Effective even after multiple years and washes
  • Environment Friendly
  • Certified by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


When I bought my sofa, the cushioning that it came equipped with didn't last long, which I did not expect looking at the cost of it. So this time around when I decided to refurbish my couch, I wanted an experts help. That's when i heard about Sleepwell Cushioning and their 'sending an expert to your doorstep' service. I am glad I chose them as it was a smooth & delightful experience. The cushioning expert explained us every step of the process and his workmanship was excellent as he transformed our sofa into looking brand new. I am very happy. Everthing and everyone was efficient, professional and 100% satisfactory.
Thank you, Sleepwell

Siddhi Sharma, Noida,

Main Sheela Foam ke saath 20 saal se juda hun. Yeh product bahut acha banate hain. Mujhe kabhi koi complaint mili nahi, na hi kabhi kisi ne graham ne phone karke bola ke aapke kaam main koi kami aayi hai, ya aapki gaddi ki shape kharaab hui hai. Sleepwell dursri companies ke mukable 10% extra material deti hai. Unke experts aate hain bahar se hamein samjhate hain, nayi nayi cheezein seekhne ka mauka milta hai. Issliye hum Sleepwell ka hi maal lagate hain aur sab grahakon ko Sleepwell ki hi requirement bolte hain.

Naval Kishore, Faridabad,

Main 12 se Sheela Foam saath juda hua hun. 12 saal se inki foam use kar raha hun aur kabhi bhi mujhe complaint nahi aayi hai, kyunki inka maal itna badiya hai ke complaint aa bhi nahi sakti quality-wise bhi aur market mein sabse zada bikta bhi yeh hi hai. Mujhe kabhi complaint nahi ayi hai ke koi seat baith gayi ho ya cushioning dab gayi ho

Lokesh Kumar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi,

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